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Hi there… I am making changes to my website and blog, coming up with a new fresh look. I will no longer be posting my work here, if you are looking to see my latest work stop by   Thanks so much for coming by.


monica and seth, with mohinesphotography

jenn.adam…… and bailey


Its no secret that I love taking pictures, but what I equally enjoy is getting to spend time with the people I am privileged to take pictures of. My camera has been an instrument in the start of many beautiful relationships and this couple is a prime example. What stated as a photo shoot has turned into a fabulous relationship. Jenn and Adam are not only beautiful on the outside but also the inside.  Jenn has a beautiful and creative spirit and for those who don’t know her please check out her blog ! She has a passion and it is inspiring and their love for each other is infectious!




sometimes images just make me happy, this is one of those images.

Life is crazy, busy. Sometimes I just find something that makes me feel happy inside. You miss these little things if you are to busy. Slow down

tho.russell.tyler. = fun family

ellie marie

This is one of my favorite shoots this year. I forgot how much fun it was to hang out with a 15 year old. My niece, Ellie came to visit us for a couple days from Cali. She reminded me to have fun, be playful, and never take life to seriously.

baby luke and his beautiful mom & dad


One of my co workers is expecting twins, so I had to jump on the opportunity to photograph her beautiful little tummy. Being a Labor and Delivery RN for my day job makes me a bit obsessive about those tummies. I had so much fun with her and her hubby and am really excited about these. Nothing more perfect than a little boy and a little girl.

Wallingford Art Walk

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a family reunion

Keogh Family